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Here are some of our presentations. Full presentations are available upon request. Please click this link to make a request if you need more.

  1. Characterization of thin films and stack in MOEMS structure with ellipsometry and reflectometry techniques
  2. Ellipsometry, Ellipsometer and Thin Films
  3. Atmospheric Stability of E-Beam Deposited Optical Thin Film Stacks
  4. Optical Properties of Hafnium Oxide Films Grown by Laser Assisted Molecular Beam Deposition
  5. Properties of Titanium Oxide Thin Films Prepared with E-beam Evaporation
  6. Evaluation on Stress and Optical Properties of Thin Films Used in Optical MEMS (MOEMS) Device
  7. Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Study on E-beam Deposited Titanium Dioxide Films