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Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
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Microspectrophotometer MSP100

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Spectro Reflectometer

Spectroscopic Reflectometer SR100

Spectroscopic Reflectometer SR300

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Spectroscopic Reflectometer SR Mapping System

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TFProbe Software

Spectroscopic Reflectometer TFProbe 2.0

TFProbe 3.0

Spectroscopic Reflectometer In-Line Metrology

Spectroscopic Reflectometer Accessories


TFProbe® Software Version 3.0 for Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: Simulation, Data Acquisition and Analysis

          1. Features

          2. Specifications

          3. Interface Examples

          4. Application Examples

          5. More Information


· Work with Window based operating systems from Win 98 to Vista

· User friendly  and easy to use interface

· Integrated all-in-one functions for Simulation, Hardware Configuration and Calibration, Data Acquisition, Regression and Graphics Presentation

· Simulation on photometry and ellipsometry on spectroscopic, Variable Angle or combined parameters

· Comprehensive Optical Constants database, over 300 sets of optical constants for various materials included

· Unlimited layers in layer stack can be set up

· Each Layer or film can be defined from NK table (Library database), dispersion, interface, surface roughness or composite mixture model (EMA, effective media approximation)

· Capable to define inhomogeneous layer with linear, exponential, Gaussian etc profile

· Various dispersion model available such as Cauchy, Sellmeier, Gaussian, Tauc-Lorentz, Drude IR, Exponential, model dielectric functions etc, plus user can add unlimited absorption bands into dispersion

· Support Anisotropic layers with dispersion definition

· EMA Model can be defined with 2 or 3 materials mixture with Bruggeman or Maxwell-Garnett, both component’s volume fraction and depolarization factors can be set as variable

· Advanced regression control on single set or multiple sets data, incident angle, angle deviation, fitting range modification, backside reflection factors, weighted consideration on either ellipsometry parameters with Marquardt-Levenberg or Simplex algorithms

· 2D and 3D graphic presentation

· User level control with password protected levels

· Support both CCD-based array or Scanning monochromator detecting system

· Flexible recipe setup interface from simple measurement to one-click to results full recipe

· Support and communicate with various type of CCD based array detector systems

· Measure film thickness and optical constants (N & K) simultaneously

· Allow to acquire ellipsometry, reflection and  transmission data

· Allow for time series with fixed time step or continuous measurement which is suitable for real time monitoring and inline metrology applications

· Advanced optical constants editor and mapping profile setup


Specification:                                                                                                                          Top

· Operating systems:  Win 98, Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP and Win Vista

· Functions: Simulation, Hardware Configuration and Calibration, Data Acquisition, and Regression

· Application: Photometry and Ellipsometry

· Layer Numbers: Unlimited

· Layer Type: NK Table, dispersion. Interface, surface roughness, EMA mixture

· Algorithm: Levenberg-Marquardt or Simplex

· Computer requirement:  2.0GHz Intel or AMD Processor, 512MB RAM and 30Mb free Hard drive space


Interface Examples:                                                                                       Top


Application Examples:                                                                                     Top



1. System configuration and Specifications subject to change without notice

2. * Film property, surface quality and layer stack dependent

3. Customized system available for special applications

4. TFProbe is registered trademark of Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc.