Spectroscopic Ellipsometer and Reflectometer for Film Thickness and Optical Constants Measurement
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TFProbe 2.5 version software is released which is native 64bit program and supports all 64bit OS systems.

Spectroscopic Reflectometer SR

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Spectroscopic Ellipsometers SE

Spectroscopic Reflectometer for Reflection, Transmission and Film Coaitng Thickness Measurement

Fast, Easy to Use, Low Cost Spectroscopic Reflectometer for Film & Coating Thickness, Reflection Spectrum Measurement

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Coating and Film Thickness Measurement

Advanced Automatic Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometers for complicated Film Stacks, Mapping Film Thickness and Optical Properties Combined SE and MSP with Digital Imaging Functions for Patterned Samples, DUV to IR Wavelength Range

Microspectrophotometer MSP

Film Thickness Mapping System

Integrated In-Line Metrology

Film Thickness, Imaging, Reflection, Transmission Spectra over Small Micron Sampling Area, DUV-Vis-NIR Range


Fast and Low cost Film Thickness Mapping System for 300mm wafer or customized sizes


Integrated In-Line Film Thickness Monitoring TFProbe Tool

Low Cost, Easy to Integrate TFProbe for In-Line Monitoring of Film Thickness, Multiple-Channel, Multiple Sites, RS232 Host Controllable

About Us

           Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in Boston, USA. The focus of company is to provide a series of cost-effective optical solutions for characterizing thin film thickness, thick coating thickness, their optical properties (refractive index N and extinction coefficient K), surface and interface behavior, alloy concentrations and their uniformities across surface.

          Affordable, low cost, but advanced and high performance tools, including Spectroscopic Reflectometer, Microspectrophotometer, Microreflectometer, film thickness mapping system, simple desktop film thickness station and automatic variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometers, offer a way to probe film stacks nondestructively and precisely. In addition, Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. also delivers advanced analytical services for characterizing thin films, thick coatings and complicated layer stacks.

          Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures all TFProbe tools in a facility located in Boston, USA. TFProbe tools are sold and distributed by international sales networks.

          With performance and professional support as our mission, Angstrom has established a worldwide customer base since 2002, including well-known education institutions, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, such as NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Seoul National University, NanoTech Center (CESTM) at SUNY, Columbia UniversityHewlett-Packard Co., Lockheed Martin Co., General Electric (GE), Corning Inc., Bell Laboratories, Johnson-Johnson, Mylan TechnologiesEPV Solar, AVA Solar/Colorado State University, Sierra Solar Systems,  just mentioning a few here. 

Technology Development

  1. Thin film (optical, semiconductor, metal and other type) materials development
  2. Thin film processing technique development
  3. Thin film and materials characterization technique development
  4. Optical monitoring system design and implementation to various processing systems including but not limited to CVD, PECVD, PVD, CMP, e-beam deposition or ion beam sputtering system
  5. Fiber optics based sensor development and instrumentation
  6. Optical passive and active component design and development