We are glad to receive comments from Mr. David Maloney, COO, at Equity Solar, Inc.

Post Dated: 01/21/2015

“As spectroscopic ellipsometry rapidly moved to the top of our list of required metrology for our development, Dr. Sun and his team at Ångstrom Sun Technologies provided our technical staff with strong technical support in the time leading up to our instrument purchase. When we decided to move ahead with acquisition of an Ångstrom Sun tool, Richard and his team met a very aggressive manufacturing and shipment schedule, which provided a tremendous benefit to us. And as we develop our own expertise in running the instrument, the Ångstrom Sun team continues to provide rapid, high-quality support for us. We’ve been very happy with our relationship with Ångstrom Sun and look forward to continuing to work with them.”

David Maloney, COO, Equity Solar, Inc.