Film Thickness Mapping System

Spectroscopic Reflectometer Mapping Tool for Film Thickness, refractive Index uniformity over wafers

When you need  processed thin film uniformity information,  our SRM series mapping tool is for your consideration. SRM series allow you to map film thickness and refractive index up to 5 layers. No need to worry about complicated equipment since the SRM300 is easy to setup and operate. It uses Windows based software, so most people are already familiar with the look and feel of the operating system. Mapping up to 300mm and 200mm wafer size are our standard configuration. For wavelength range coverage, both DUV-Visible(SRM100) and Visible range(SRM300) are avalaible. Other wavelength ranges, mapping size and also mapping geometry can be customized upon request. Advacned software allows user to generate various types of mapping patterns such as linear, polar, square or even arbitrary coordinates. The array based detector system ensures the fastest film thickness measurement. With its advanced optics and rugged design you can always be sure to get the best system performance.