Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SE Series

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Thin Film Thickness and Refractive Index Measurements

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer SE series are advanced models built by Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. There are many more advantages over reflectometers due to its capability to acquire more set of polarization information at different incident angles spectroscopically. User can select two different data acquisition mode, scanning wavelength by wavelength detecting mode or array based fast detecting mode. Thanks for newly developed, mature array based detecting techniques, advanced data acquisition and processing algorithm, users are able to choose array based systems to have the same precision as scanning single element configurations. When a fast measurement is must, especially for real time in-situ measurement, mapping across big surface like wafers, array based configuration is always recommended. You are always welcome to discuss with us on your applications and we'll ensure the final configuration will meet your needs.