About Us

Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in Boston, USA. The focus of company is to provide a series of cost-effective optical solutions for characterizing thin film thickness, thick coating thickness, their optical properties (refractive index N and extinction coefficient K), surface and interface behavior, alloy concentrations and their uniformities across surface.

Affordable, low cost, but advanced and high performance tools, including spectroscopic reflectometer, microspectrophotometer, microreflectometer, film thickness mapping system, simple desktop film thickness station, and automatic variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometers, offer a way to probe film stacks nondestructively and precisely. In addition, Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. also delivers advanced analytical services for characterizing thin films, thick coatings and complicated layer stacks.

Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures all TFProbe tools in a facility located in Boston, USA. TFProbe tools are sold and distributed by international sales networks.

With performance and professional support as our mission, Angstrom has established a worldwide customer base since 2002, including well-known education institutions, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, such as NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Seoul National University, NanoTech Center (CESTM) at SUNY, Columbia UniversityHewlett-Packard Co., Lockheed Martin Co., General Electric (GE), Corning Inc., Bell Laboratories, Johnson-Johnson, Mylan Technologies, Applied Materials (AMAT), Lam Research, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology(SAIT), and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Both spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry are model based technique. Advanced software and professional application support are key to implement ellipsometer and reflectometer tools in various thin film application area. With this in our mind, we always provide unlimited application modeling assistance and free upgrade on our software with our tools. The word "sold" is not our sales activity. Using our tool and getting what you want are our job. A detailed comment from one of our customers stated so:

“As spectroscopic ellipsometry rapidly moved to the top of our list of required metrology for our development, Dr. Sun and his team at Ångstrom Sun Technologies provided our technical staff with strong technical support in the time leading up to our instrument purchase. When we decided to move ahead with acquisition of an Ångstrom Sun tool, Richard and his team met a very aggressive manufacturing and shipment schedule, which provided a tremendous benefit to us. And as we develop our own expertise in running the instrument, the Ångstrom Sun team continues to provide rapid, high-quality support for us. We’ve been very happy with our relationship with Ångstrom Sun and look forward to continuing to work with them.” by David Maloney, COO, Equity Solar, Inc.