TFProbe 3.x Software for Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, reflectometer, microspectrophotometer and thin film application

TFProbe® Software Version 3.X has all-in-one solutions for Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Photometry and vision applications: simulation, data acquisition, regression analysis, system confiuration/setup, sample/wafer handling, mapping profile definition, 2D/3D results presentation, data management etc. Not like some vendors, collection data using one module, anlysing data using another third party software, we do all-in-one for you.

TFProbe 3.x has much more powerful functions added in modeling for our spectroscopic ellipsometer tools, comparing with TFProbe 2.x version, which is for our simple reflectometer tool's application. Theorectically, with TFProbe 3.x, users can build a model with as many layers as they want. Layers can be defined as homogenoues or inhomogeneoues. If it is inhomogeneoues, a refractive index can be profiled with many mathmatical functions. Between layers, an interface based on effective media approximation (EMA) could be inserted if necessary. An anisotropic layer can be also defined. Besides, quantum well/supper lattice style structure is easily built with supported periodic structure definition interface. Since ellipsometry is model based technique, a powerful software is key to get job done.

TFProbe 3.x comes with sophisticated scientific mode and also very simple operator user interface. That is why our tools are widely used in both research institue like universities, labs and also manufacturing enviroment for product developement and quality control. From time to time, we are also able to customize software to meet customer's special needs. For example, we added signal tower for spectroscopic ellipsometer delivered to Samsung for manufacuring envioronment purpose. We also added capability to log measureemnt results directly into Finisar's MsSQL database in their MES system.

Recently, we have integrated TFProbe 2.x into TFProbe 3.x so all functions supported reflectometry applications are avialable in TFProbe 3.x software. In addition, for reflectometry data, both version software share the same data format so all reflectometry data measured with TFProbe 2.x can be analyzed with TFProbe 3.x software, which shows our support effort to our reflectometer users. Of course, transmission simulation, measurement and analysis can also be performed with TFProbe 3.3


  •  Work with Window based operating systems
  •  User friendly  and easy to use interface
  •  Integrated all-in-one functions for Simulation, Hardware Configuration and Calibration, Data Acquisition, Regression, vision and Graphics Presentation
  •  Simulation on photometry and ellipsometry on spectroscopic, Variable Angle or combined parameters
  •  Comprehensive Optical Constants database, over 300 sets of optical constants for various materials included
  •  Unlimited layers in layer stack can be set up
  •  Each Layer or film can be defined from NK table (Library database), dispersion, interface, surface roughness or composite mixture model (EMA, effective media approximation)
  •  Capable to define inhomogeneous layer with linear, exponential, Gaussian etc profile
  •  Various dispersion model available such as Cauchy, Sellmeier, Gaussian, Tauc-Lorentz, Drude IR, Exponential, model dielectric functions etc, plus user can add unlimited absorption bands into dispersion
  •  Support Anisotropic layers with dispersion definition, support Mueller Metrics applications
  •  EMA Model can be defined with 2 or 3 materials mixture with Bruggeman or Maxwell-Garnett, both component’s volume fraction and depolarization factors can be set as variable
  •  Advanced regression control on single set or multiple sets data, incident angle, angle deviation, fitting range modification, backside reflection factors, weighted consideration on either ellipsometry parameters with Marquardt-Levenberg, Simplex algorithms, FFT or Peak/Valley methods
  • 2D and 3D graphic presentationUser level control with password protected levels,  Service, Scientist/Engineer, Operator modes
  •  Support both CCD-based array or Scanning monochromator detecting system
  •  Flexible recipe setup interface from simple measurement to one-click to results full recipe
  •  Support and communicate with various type of CCD based array detector systems
  •  Allow to acquire ellipsometry, reflection and  transmission data
  •  Allow for time series with fixed time step or continuous measurement which is suitable for real time monitoring and inline metrology applications
  •  Advanced optical constants editor and mapping profile setup
  •  Advanced vision function for USB DirectShow, USB3 vison, GigE and GenTL compatible cameras, autofocus, pattern recognition functions

· Operating systems:  Win 7, Win 10, Win11 (Both 32bit and 64bit OS) Latest OSs

· Functions: Simulation, Hardware Configuration and Calibration, Data Acquisition, Regression, vision and many more

· Application: Photometry, Ellipsometry and Vision (license might be needed for some applications)

· Layer Numbers: Unlimited

· Layer Type: NK Table, dispersion. Interface, surface roughness, EMA mixture

· Algorithm: Levenberg-Marquardt, Simplex, FFT and Peak/Valley Method

· Computer requirement:  2.0GHz Intel or AMD Processor, 512MB RAM and 50Mb free Hard drive space


  • System configuration and Specifications subject to change without notice
  • Customizing interface or adding new functions is possible for special applications
  • TFProbe is registered trademark of Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc.
  • Some functions might need seperate licenses