Spectroscopic Ellipsometer with Wafer Handler Automation

Spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) is a well-established optical technique for the characterization of bulk materials, thin films, coatings, both surface and embedded layers in non-destructive and non-contact ways. For routine and fab processing quality control, an automatic cassette handler is a must. Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. has developed a low-cost solution to cover wafer size from 2” to 8” in a desktop style and 12” in tower style for this purpose. User can define a recipe for a whole cassette measurement, even with recipes for each slot.

  • Horizontal sample placement
  • Affordable, Low Cost
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to use with Window based software; scientific mode for advanced users and operator mode for routine/daily operations
  • Variable Incident angles, user definable resolution
  • Comprehensive optical constants database and model recipes
  • Advanced TFProbe Software allows user to define layers with NK table, dispersion or EMA mixture/composites with index grading, and surface/interface roughness...
  • Upgradable and reconfigurable with Various options and accessories
  • Wafer Thickness: 200µm to 1mm (bow <1.5mm, no warpage)
  • Front Load Cassette
  • High speed elevator with sensors
  • Cassette Mapper included (detects empty slots and crossed slotted wafers)
  • Stage Load Sensor included
  • Pre-aligner included for flats or notches
  • EMO emergency shutdown switch
  • Center contact End effector matches wafer holder on ellipsometer tool
  • Clean room compatible
  • Easy access adjustable leveling feet and to be bridge connected to Ellipsometer frame firmly
  • Compact design with all electronics built inside loader
  • Universal power input
  • USB communication to Computer, sharing one computer and monitor with Ellipsometer
  • Upgraded TFProbe SW with Integrated wafer handling for easy operation
  • Specially designed New Wafer Holder with vacuum chuck to hold wafer in position
System Configuration:

Depending on applications, spectroscopic ellipsometer can be configured with SE200BM, SE300BM and SE500BM or other models.

  • Total weight: 300 lbs
  • Dimension: 60”(L) x 35”(D) x 35”(H)
  • Power Supply: Universal input 100-240 VAC, 6A, 50-60 H
  • Vacuum source: minimum 70 kPa (21 Hg) with a ¼ inch supply tube

Other TFProbe series tools can be configured with wafer handler, like, MSP series, SRM series. Please contact us for details.

  • Semiconductor fabrication (PR, Oxide, Nitride..)
  • Liquid crystal display (ITO, PR, Cell gap…..)
  • Optical coatings, TiO2, SiO2, Ta2O5…..
  • Semiconductor compounds
  • Functional films in MEMS/MOEMS
  • Amorphous, nano and crystalline Si
  • Photovoltaic thin films, CdTe, CdS, CIGS, AZO, CZTS.....
Interface Example:

User can define recipe for notch/flat alignment and film measurements by selecting some slots or full slots; cassette mapping function will automatically detect the loaded cassette for available wafers in slot:

User can define different measurement recipe for different slots: