TFProbe® Software for Thin Film, Spectroscopy and Digital Imaging Applications

Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc has developed several versions of TFProbe software for our tool's application. TFProbe 2.4 are for spectroscopic relfectometer and microspectrophotometer's application. TFProbe 3.3 is majorly used for spectroscopic ellipsometer, but it also contains TFProbe 2.4 module in it. Digital Imaging Analysis Software (DIAS 2.0) is used with Microspectrophotometers for live video and digital image editing.

TFProbe software integrates system configuration, setup, data acquisition, regression analysis, data management and graph presentations all-in-one. Different user levels can be configured, like engineer mode, operator mode. TFProbe software can also be customized to have new functions to meet customer's special applications.