Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc Introduced high performance DUV-Vis-NIR light source for photometry and ellipsometry applications. This light source covers from 190 to 2500nm wavelength range, with capability to remote control from computer program with TTL level signals. Dual lamp design offers balanced intensity output. Integrated timer provides convenience to replace lamps per lamps' lifetime...



· TFProbe DUV-VIS-NIR light source uses a high-brightness deuterium lamp and halogen lamp

· The optimum combination of the internal lamp housing and dedicated power supply for each lamp allows light emission with high intensity and stability over extended periods of time.

· Light source wavelength range 190nm to 2500nm (Fiber optic sold separately)

· Solid and Compact design

· Lamp replacement (for both lamps) is easily accessible from top without need to open whole light source box

· Deuterium lamp and Halogen lamp are independently controlled/turned on/off

· DUV and Vis-NIR two range light output can be balanced by adjusting Halogen lamp output

· Self powered Timer for lamp usage, it can be easily reset after lamp changes

· Optional slots for filters

· Optional shutter can easily be set on/off by front button, and/or remote TTL signal controlled

· Optional remote control and lamps status via 9-pin D-Sub connector

· A DUV-Vis-Nir detector can also be integrated into this light source which is newly released SR100 spectroscopic reflectometer film thickness measurement Tool

System Configuration:

· Model: AST-DHL-3020

· Lamps: See through type Deuterium and Halogen

· Fiber optics connector

· Independent power on/off for each lamp

· LEDs indicate each lamps status

· Halogen lamp power output is adjustable at front

· Long lifetime internal battery powered Timer

· Lamp replacement window

· Time reset switch

· Remote controller

· Filter slot at light output

· Power: Universal 110– 240 VAC / 50-60Hz, 6 A

· Warranty: One year labor and parts or per agreement


· Light output wavelength range: 190nm to 2500nm

· Fiber optics connector: SMA905

· Lamp service life:  2000 hrs

· External Remote Control (DB9 connector)

· Deuterium + Halogen Lamp ON/OFF

· Shutter Open/Close

· Status Signal for D2 + Halogen ON/OFF

· Status Signal for Shutter

· Status Signal for Main Power

· Input Voltage (AC):  100 V to 240 V

· Power consumption:  150w or less

· Rated frequency:  50 Hz / 60 Hz

· Stability:  0.01 %p-p

· Drift:  ± 0.3 %/h

· Main unit dimensions: 145 × 145× 350 mm  ( ~ 5.7 x 5.7x 13.7”)

· Weight:  Approx. 12 lbs (~ 6 kg )

  • Shutter control
  • Remotely turn on/off each lamps
  • Filter slot for needed applications

Filter Slot for Light Source


Function Table:


· Reflection spectra

· Transmission spectra

· Film Thickness

· Absorption Spectra

· Ellipsometry

· Environmental

Inspection Applications

· Semiconductor

· Optics

· PV/Solar AR coatings

· Solar


Interface Example:

Light Source Back View




1. System configuration and Specifications subject to change without notice

2. Some items are optional