Accessories for TFProbe Reflectometer, Microspectrophotometer and Ellipsometers

We have developed various accessories with our tools to achieve certain or specific fucntions. We'll continuosly design more to meet your applications.

Heating Stage for Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Applications

Heating Stage for Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Applications

  • Dimension: 6" (150mm) Diameter
  • Heating Stage Materials: Black anodized Aluminum

  • Housing Materials: stainless steel

  • Temperature controlled with digital thermostat (RS)

  • Accuracy: 1% of set point.

  • Temperature and set points are  digitally displayed in F&C. alarm circuit, hi limit cut off, PID algorithm. Ramp soak: 31 programs, 126 segments

  • 10’ Quick disconnect cable ( plate and remote housing ) 

  • Temperature range: room temperature to 329 degree C

  • Customized size and temperature range are available
Liquid Cell for Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Applications

Liquid cell can be customized to meet your specific applications. Sample show here is for 70 degree incident angle with view port at front.

Digital Camera for Microscope (Microspectrophotometer)

You can adapt these cameras to the eyepiece tube or photo port (if any) in your any existing model microscopes so that you can convert your conventional microscope to the digital imaging microscope without need to stick your eyes on microscope all the time. This is cost effective solution to upgrade your lab tools with an excellent imaging quality for professional presentations. Optional advanced image analysis software provides various tools for image and video capturing, editing and measurements.

Optical Setup for Microspectrophotometer

You can convert your own microscope to an advanced microspectrophotometer by adapting our optical setup fixture. With this setup, you are able to view, select and acquire reflection, transmission and/or absorption spectra over small sampling area. It is also feasible to measure film thickness over the patterned or featured samples.

  • Option 1: Optical Setup only
  • Option 2: Digital Imaging System and Software DIAS2.0
  • Option 3: Spectrometer
  • Option 4: TFProbe Data Acquisition and Analysis Software
  • Option 5: Digital Imaging Microscope
  • Option 6:Any Combination of Above Options
Transmission and absorption measurement fixture

TFProbe reflectometer is used for reflection and film thickness measurement. With the transmission and absorption fixture, user can set up the reflectometer system to run transmission and absorption measurement with the same set of spectrometer and light source.

Reference samples for reflection measurement

Reference is necessary for reflection measurement. We provide two types of reference. One is glass type and the second is semiconductor type. The size for each type varies and it can be ordered based on specific reflectometer system and applications. Accurate optical constants (N & K) covering wide wavelength range will be provided with reference.

Film Thickness Standards

We provide low cost film thickness standards with different nominal thicknesses from 300 angstrom to 2 microns. Standards are thermally grown silicon dioxide film on silicon substrate with size from 2" to 12" in diameter. Both film thickness and refractive indices are accurately determined with advanced spectroscopic ellipsometry technique, instead of at fixed refractive index. We'll offer detailed, certified data sheets for all standards. Please contact us for more details.

DIAS 2.0 Digital Image Analysis Software

Digital Image Analysis Software Version 2.0 is a 24 bits real color microscopy image processing software which is developed based on experience of many years in the field of digital image processing and analysis. DIAS2.0 provides a large number of image processing and measurement tools and it is suitable for all kinds of image processing and measurement tasks. Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface as well as reliable performance will ensure you to achieve your goals in scientific and research fields.

Stages Type I for Reflection Measurement
  • Made from aluminum alloy and black anodized
  • Easy height adjustment mechanism
  • Hold 200mm wafers with markers for various size substrates
  • UV-Vis or Visible achromatic optics assembly
Stages Type II for Reflection Measurement
Reflectometer Stage Type II
  • Made from aluminum alloy and black anodized
  • Hold 125mm wafers with markers for various size substrates
Larger Spot for Patterned Structure Measurement
Large Spot for Spectroscopic Reflectometer Application
  • Up to 50mm Measurement Beam Size
  • UV-Vis or Visible optics assembly
  • SMA905 Fiber Optics Input
  • Used for Lager Area Film Thickness Measurement over Patterned Wafer
  • Application Example available for CMP processing in-line Monitoring
Fixture for Curved Surface Measurement
Reflectometer fixture for thin film and coating measurement over curved surface                                                             
  • Used to run thickness measurement over curved surfaces
  • Easy adjustment on distance between sample surface and probe tip
  • Applications for glasses and goggles


  • System configuration and Specifications subject to change without notice
  • * Film property, surface quality and layer stack dependent
  • Customized accessories available for special applications
  • TFProbe is registered trademark of Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc.